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Investing in Africa’s human capital in order to build thriving individuals, communities, and sustainable livelihoods
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About The Foundation
Higherlife Foundation is a social impact organization that invests in human capital to build thriving individuals, communities and sustainable livelihoods. Founded by Strive and Tsitsi Masiyiwa in 1996 out of their deep Christian faith, heartfelt compassion as well as their personal experiences of orphan-hood, we are contemporary Africans moving the African continent forward through opportunities.
To provide a platform for people to fulfill their God-given purpose
To invest in Africa’s human capital in order to build thriving individuals, communities, and sustainable livelihoods
Faith in God.

Love, Integrity, Knowledge.

Accountability, Collaboration, Responsive Leadership.
HigherLife Foundation Lesotho Social Business Unit (SBU)
In an effort to aid Lesotho and the Basotho in general, HigherLife Foundation Lesotho Social Business Unit (SBU) was established in 2011, to assist orphaned, vulnerable and talented Basotho students who are prejudiced due to social factors inclusive of those affected and infected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The SBU’s Vision, Mission Statement and Values are aligned to effectively and efficiently achieve the holistic goal of raising African Leaders through access to inclusive quality education and lifelong engagements in order for them to play a critical role in the economic growth of their communities and the country at large.
Value Proposition
The SBU operates on six (6) strategic pillars, namely; Education, Health & Wellbeing, Leadership & Lifelong Development, Job Creation & Sustainable Livelihoods, Girls Empowerment and Faith & Development.
The SBU commitment is to offer mentorship programs to Basotho Youth, provide food and hygiene packs, distribute sanitary wear to girls at identified schools through “Hlokomela Banana Initiative in Partnership with The Queen’s Trust Fund” and dispense uniforms to identified Scholars.
The SBU works selflessly to provide orphaned, vulnerable and talented boys’ and girls’ with access to quality education through scholarships and learning support materials such as textbooks and stationery.
We believe that a child who has access to quality education stands a better chance in life.
HLFL also provides customized e-learning platform for primary and secondary scholars through Ruzivo (Tsebo) Digital Learning and basic ICT classes to members of community through Learning Hubs.
The SBU evangelize in prisons and hospitals through the distribution of bible study materials to such social care institutions.
SBU organize health expo to bring primary healthcare to communities.
SBU provides agricultural inputs and essential tools to beneficiaries to help produce their own food and support micro-enterprises for sustainable livelihoods.
SBU continues to facilitate the provision of life coping mechanisms, counseling, leadership development, mentorship and guardianship care for all HLFL scholars and Basotho students’ mentees.
SBU support the basic education and the talent management stakes to ensure children located in their communities and children’s homes have access to quality education in safe and conducive environment.
Higherlife Foundation Scholarship
Applications are online based, at the following website: www.higherlifefoundation.com.
Portal for new Applications normally opens from November to January.
Thereafter follows the screening of new applications.
Successful newly recruited students would then be published in major newspapers, announced on local radio stations and communicated with schools through contact teachers.
The lists are also disseminated to District Education Offices.
Criterion is based on orphan-hood (double or single), vulnerability (living in Children’s home or Institutionalized System, either one or both parents living with disability or the child living with disability, parents or guardians who are old enough beyond effective working age and good academic record.
Documents Required
Applicant’s Birth Certificate
Grade 7 report and most recent Secondary School Report & Fees Structure
Parent(s) Death Certificate(s)
Evidence of old age of parents or guardians (National ID)
Evidence from registered and qualified medical practitioner for any form of disability
District Administrator’s (DA) affidavits where surnames or names are different on any national documents like Birth Certificates, Death Certificates.
Ruzivo Digital Learning
Smart Learning
Higherlife Foundation had digitized curriculum accessible online at the following URL: www.rdl.co.zw At the Centre of Ruzivo Digital Learning (RDL) is a desire to impact, transform and enhance the education and academic results of millions of learners. Affordability of high quality education is a key consideration. We understand that private schooling by its very nature could not be free or accessible to all pupils. Through innovative technological solutions such as Ruzivo, quality education is made accessible to a larger group of students who ideally have no access and in line with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Inclusive and equitable quality education.
Learning Hubs
There are two Learning Hubs with functional computers connected to FREE internet open to students during normal working hours and the general members of community situated at Mazenod and Roma. Some basic ICT training is also offered at these two Learning Hubs with prior arrangements with SBU Management.
PROGRAMME 2011 to Date
Over 47 587 lives impacted through Mentorship & Lifelong Development, Girl child empowerment, Health & Well-being M83 737 000 invested by end of FY2019/20
Access to Education 1313 of Basotho youth went through scholarship  Currently active scholars under HLF bursary is 261 (181 in secondary schools throughout Lesotho. 80 in local Tertiary Institutions ( 63 National University of Lesotho,  5 Lerotholi Polytechnic, 4 Lesotho College of Education,  2 Roma College of Nursing, 2 Leloaleng TVET, 1 Maluti College of Nursing, 1 Paray College of Nursing, 1 Thaba-Tseka TVET, 1 CCCC/Technical School of Leribe TVET)
39 graduated from Local tertiary institutions
11 graduated Universities in USA & Canada
5 visually impaired scholars assisted 840 Notebooks distributed
79 solar lanterns distributed
15 scholars received extra lessons
Life Long Development 1129 scholars trained on life skills
15 687 scholars went through career guidance
14 569 scholars received mentorship 
10 Young & Dynamic centres established
  Child welfare Support 790 children in different Social Caregivers and Orphanages assigned with food, cloths, energy sources, blankets, seedlings for own crops through monthly Thanksgiving ceremonies
410 received food and hygiene packages
27 received medical assistance  348 received uniforms
3088 girls received sanitary wear through Hlokomela Banana Initiative under Her Majesty The Queen's Trust Fund
   Evangelism 1450 of students received Rhapsodies
   10 ISM trained teachers and pastors
  11 Higherlife clubs were formed
  Quality   2 learning hubs established at Mazenod & Roma with 22 functional computers
880 scholars registered on Ruzivo Digital Learning (www.rdl.co.zw)
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