International Roaming
The ability to:
- make & receive calls
- send & receive SMSes
- use data
- other services (USSD, Recharge)
while travelling outside the home network (Econet Lesotho) coverage.
Using your ETL sim card, you can log on to a foreign network while travelling. The available foreign network to be selected depends which network/s ETL has roaming agreements with.
Important Points to Know
While roaming:
All services are charged from the core balance (airtime); bundles/freebies are not applicable.
Tariff rates higher than home rates and differ depending on visited country and network selected.
A customer is charged for receiving a call.
For prepaid customers; roaming service is provided by default.
For Post-paid customers; a written formal request is required via:
Key account managers
Retail shops
On *197#, customers can choose to:
1. Activate SMS roaming only
2. Activate SMS & Voice roaming only
3. Activate SMS, Voice & Data roaming only
Depending on their required services while travelling.
How to use the service
Before travelling
Check our footprint on the website or via customer care to see if ETL has any roaming services with any network in the country you will be visiting.
Check which services are live. We do not have data roaming with all our roaming partners so you will need to confirm first if you will require this service while roaming.
Check your costs via the website or customer care. Roaming charges differ per country & per service so it is important to know the cost implications in order to decide which network you will prefer to roam on once you have reached your destination.
Check your roaming status. This can be done via *197# for prepaid customers, customer care or by contacting the key account managers for post-paid customers.
If your trip is more than 3 months away & ETL has no roaming agreements in the country you will be visiting, a request can be made via customer care.
As a prepaid customer, ensure you have enough airtime for roaming. You can also top-up using electronic channels, eco-cash, airtime transfer and USSD – voucher top up.
If you would like to use data while roaming, enable data roaming & set data CAP limits on your mobile device.
Go to:
Settings > Connections > Data usage and enable data saver (if your device supports this). This will help you manage your data usage.

While travelling
The phone can be on auto/manual network selection mode:
On auto, the phone will select the strongest signal (provided ETL has a roaming agreement with the operator).
On manual, you can select a preferred network: Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Network Operators then choose the desired network.
For data roaming, enable data roaming on your mobile device: Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Data roaming
You may also ensure the APN is defined by continuing to choose Access Point Names.
The APN should be: internet
When making calls/sending SMSes, always include the country code of the mobile number you are dialling.

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