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EcoCash Spache Fono
Econet Spache-Fono is an Econet Lesotho mobile money transfer service that allows to pay your employees’ salaries from anywhere at any time. You can also register as an EcoCash Agent or Merchant.
It is fast, reliable and convenient.

For more information, call 100 or visit any Econet shop.
What you can do with EcoCash
Save money in your wallet
Pay salaries & make bulk payments
Send & receive money across all networks in Lesotho
Buy airtime and bundles from anywhere at any time
Receive money for goods and services
Payroll & Bulk Payment
Any organization (profit making/non-profit making) can make bulk transfers of money to recipients using the EcoCash platform as a channel.

Companies can also pay salaries and wages to their staff with the EcoCash platform. Recipients use their mobile numbers as accounts to receive money. It is ideal for payroll administration, aid distribution etc and offers convenience to the receivers by avoiding long queues at the banks.
EcoCash payroll is safe, affordable and also convenient to bulk payers.
Merchant Information
Any organisation (profit making/non-profit making) that receives payments for goods or services offered can receive payment through EcoCash platform and be a merchant.

A Merchant function offers convenience and security to you and your customers because the funds are safe and secure in the EcoCash wallets.
If you are interested to become an EcoCash Merchant, visit the nearest Econet shop or call 100. You will be contacted and provided with all information required to be registered.
EcoCash Agent
EcoCash Agents are signed up customers who can perform cash in and cash out transactions for Ecocash customers.

They are:

- Responsible for recruiting/registering new subscribers

- Operate in retailers around Lesotho with substantial distribution such as petrol stations, supermarkets, general dealers, SME’s, clothing stores, Banks and Micro Finance Institutions.

If you are interested to become an EcoCash Agent, visit the nearest Econet shop or call 100. You will be contacted and provided with all information required to be registered.
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