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Econet. Inspired To Change Your World
We are a One Stop Shop for your business needs offering a wide range of solutions for your organisation. From uncapped reliable internet connectivity, hosting services to more value added services that give you the desired competitive edge.
Any organization (profit making/non-profit making) can make bulk transfers of money to recipients using the EcoCash platform as a channel. Companies can also pay salaries and wages to their staff with the EcoCash platform.
Fibre For Your Office
With download speeds of up to 20Mbps, you can now download, stream, play games and much more starting at M649 per month.
Never get stuck in traffic again.
Watch live traffic feeds on your device and plan your morning or evening commute accordingly.
Business Division
Econet offers solutions for large corporates
Business Division
Small Medium Enterprise
Solutions for small & medium sized businesses
Econet Brings You Fibre For Your Business
With speeds of up to 1000Mbps you are guaranteed to enjoy your internet experience on the Econet network. With Econet Fibre you can set-up a Wi-Fi hot spot and stream or surf to your satisfaction.
Enhance your office security with surveillance cameras
Multiple Devices
Connect your staff on Econet mobile contract or My EcoFLexi packages for smooth running of daily operations of your business
Voice Over IP
More communication channels to handle calls traffic to the office/enterprise
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